Let's Recharge Your Battery


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“What good is having a belly if there’s no fire in it? Wake up, drink your passion,
light a match and get to work.”
~ Simon Sinek ~

  • Do you feel the big glaring gap between where you are now and where you want to be?
  • Do your efforts to close the gap stand you face to face with your own resistance and discomfort?
  • Can you feel that little fire in your belly, but you don’t know how to light it up?
  • Do you have a nagging feeling that there’s more to this life you have landed yourself in… but you just don’t know how to pinpoint what your ‘more’ is?
  • Do you truly feel you are here to make a difference, but you just aren’t sure how to start?

 The single biggest thing holding you back in your life is YOU!!

It’s one thing to know what you want, but it’s another to know who you are.  Make no mistake, the life you live every day is determined by your ability to work that stuff out. 

The way we see it – YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES; 

  1. ZOOM along on autopilot with a hope here and a prayer there, maybe even throw in a lotto ticket or two.
  2. OR… guts it up, ask some hard questions, upend a few things you believe to be true.   Follow some logical and proven steps, throw in a good pour of grit, and live life on your terms - completely and utterly unrestrained and unbothered.  Soul punching your way to crash in bed every night.

Expected outcomes:

You will learn to:

  • Trust the fire within you 
  • Light up the life you really, really, really, really want
  • Watch out for the devil
  • Fan it bright 
  • And burn, baby, burn


Meet Guest Presenters

Jen Schultz and Nic Robertson


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Jen Shultz is a mum of 2 - Isaac 10 and Maya 7. One of her businesses generates over 80million a year in sales. She lives on a small farm in the northern NSW hinterland and loves to rescue horses and fluff about in her garden in her spare time. She loves a vino and her favourite thing is working with other like-minded incredible women who know they are born to make an impact and leave the world a better place. 

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Give Nic a juicy conversation talking about the future & possibilities, with smart women who have big hearts, over a bottle of wine and her night is made!

At the time school ended and Nic didn't have a 'passion' for anything, her mindset was "I don't want to mortgage my future on an interest" and she leaped as quickly as she could into the working world.

After roles in sales, business development and speaking with over 1200 business owners she learned a lot and knew she was built for business, she just didn’t know which one.

Now, Nic teaches her learnings to others through training, mentorship and the stage, and runs her main business that generates 3.5million.  

Don't ask her what her favourite food or holiday destination is because they are 2 things where the goal is to eat it all and see it all.