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“You, Me and We of Money” with Tracey Sofra


There is a direct relationship between financial freedom and quality of life.  A command of money and money concepts is crucial to economic security and financial well-being.


Eat, Drink, Mix & Mingle


WOW Women request the pleasure of your company at our Members Welcome Dinner

There is nothing more rewarding and fun than to be able to sit down to dinner with your fellow members. This is a perfect opportunity to meet and network in a casual and relaxed setting.

Members will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and fabulous wine in a private dining room of a great restaurant, but more importantly be able to create strong connections and build networking relationships on a whole new level.


WOW One Day Event 2015


Shepparton's First Exclusive One Day Event For Women Was An Outstanding Success!!

350 women were inspired, empowered and gained a new perspective during our first event. An exciting start to an incredible journey to unlock creativity, leadership and entrepreneurialism.


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