Danni Whitaker


Fernwood_187.jpgTell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm 35, mother of two children, Abbey 4 and Jake 2. I operate 2 Fernwood Franchise clubs, Yarraville and Shepparton. Owned and operated Yarraville since 2004 and Shepparton 2013.

What's the inspiration behind what you do?

I love to work with wonderful women in the community and helping them work on their health and fitness. I enjoy heading an amazing team, empowering and developing them everyday.

Do you have a role model or a person that has inspired you throughout your life?

My company director Di Williams inspired me. A mum from Bendigo started this amazing company and has touched the lives of so many women. Di is my go to person, my inspiration and drives me to be bigger.

Where do women sit in the greater global picture?

Women can take themselves anywhere!  Gone are the days of limitation. We are strong, driven and confident to take on the worlds challenges.

If you were a hashtag what would it be?